Tuesday Mar 09th, 2021


Turn on all the lights, even during the daytime, including outside entrance, closets and basement. Open all the drapes and blinds.
Turn off television, stereo and radio (soft music is recommended) 
Open all the doors between rooms to give an inviting feeling.
On cold days, light a fire. If not in season, make sure the fireplace is clean. 
Ask friends or family to look after pets during the showing process if possible. Some people may be allergic; others may be afraid of animals. Clear any pet odors. 
☐ Keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean. Leave mirrors and windows sparkling.
☐ All jewelry and small valuables should be stored in a safe place. 
☐ Set out fresh flowers, hang decorative hand towels in the bathroom and place an attractive tablecloth on the dining or kitchen table. 
☐ If possible leave! Some buyers are uncomfortable when the owner is in the house. In their hurry to get away, they may miss important features or fail to ask important questions. If you must remain, be courteous, but try not to make conversation. The buyer’s Realtor knows what the buyer is looking for. He or she can discuss features or answer questions. 

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